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When it comes to enjoying the outdoors in unquestionable style and pure substance, CL Outdoor Melbourne is the committed and passionate outdoor furniture providers for you. We believe that an outdoor area is an extension of a house; an insight into a homeowner’s creative personality. This is where we our deep lying passions and commitments comes to the fore: we want to help you create the outdoor area that will reflect your creative lifestyle and inner personality. With our strong and vibrant collection of outdoor furniture, we are able to unlock your personality and help you craft, design and create the outdoor area that will transform your home.


Outdoor Furniture at its finest

Tables, chairs, couches, sofas; these are just a handful of the high quality and stylistic furniture that we have in our collection. In order for us to help you design the outdoor patio area for your stunning home, we have to be able to provide a strong and wide variety of stylish outdoor furniture. This is why we have worked hard to spread our wings to find a wealth of stunningly modern, traditionally classic and wonderfully magnetic array of outdoor furniture.

Visit one of our showrooms.

There is nothing better than seeing a stunning piece of furniture live in the flesh, touching it and feeling the high quality texture in your hands. We understand that feeling, which is why we are putting out the invitations to all homeowners, business owners and outdoor lovers throughout Melbourne to come visit and experience our outdoor furniture firsthand. You can see our selection at our Melbourne showroom and discuss your outdoor plans with our team of designers. We also understand if you cannot make it to our showroom, so please take your time and search through our website. Regardless of where you live in Melbourne, we can deliver your outdoor furniture collection to you.

outdoor furniture Melbourne

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